Stop bleeding !

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Everyday minor injuries

Nosebleeds, broken glasses, rosebush scratches, scissor cuts... no matter how careful we are, playing, cooking, gardening or crafting are not hazard-free!
Many everyday situations can lead to bleeds and superficial wounds that are easy to self-treat at home or on the go.

Stop Hémo®

Stop Hémo® first aid product range stops bleeding and promotes wound healing.
Stop Hémo® is a consumer healthcare range of products suited to all and to all ages, including people suffering with haemostasisPhysiological process which leads to the formation of blood clotAggregate of different blood cells – platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells – bound together by a protein called fibrins disorders and delayed wound healing.

Natural origin

The therapeutic benefits of algae have been known since the dawn of time: sailors and algae harvesters used cut algae to treat their wounds. In 1949, the pharmacist Pierre Brothier succeeded in the technological feat of transforming the therapeutic substance contained in algae into calcium alginate fibres. This led to the haemostatic and wound healing properties of algae being developed for the benefit of all!


A brand by

Laboratoires Brothier

Brothier specializes in haemostasis and wound healing. Harnessing the formidable potential of sea plant-based biopolymers, Brothier designs and manufactures calcium alginate dressings that meet the needs of first aid care and the preoccupations of practitioners and their patients.